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Welcome to our School website. We speak English! For detail information do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Anna Biziorek

Tel.: +48 667 240 387


Training is the most important thing you will ever do for your dog. How you approach training will forever affect the relationship between you and your dog.
We believe in positive, motivational training methods, which have been tested to show great results. We use a reward-based training approach that makes the learning experience fun for the dog and will ensure that your dog will put its "best paw forward", listening to and obeying your commands. We keep our classes fun for both dogs and owners while learning in a friendly, positive environment.

We offer instructor courses. If you would like to participate in the individual course in english language contact us for prices.

1. Problems solving courses

• When your dogs pulls on a leash
• Jumps on people
• Destroys your apartment or garden
• Doesen`t come when called

2. Individual lessons

Our professional dog trainers can train you and your dog privately, tailoring instruction to perfectly suit your needs. This is also a great option for dogs that have social issues or act aggressively around other dogs or strangers. We offer private dog training classes throughout the year and are always accepting new students.

3. After taking part in Basic Manners Course, you`re get invitation to group classes to improve your dog `s abilities.


Soon we`re gona have also interactive course, which allows you to train your dog even if you live miles away.

For dog training prices are the same as for Polish speaking classes!
Check prices here

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are a great way to lay the foundations for a long and happy life with your dog. As well as teaching your puppy:

• to come when called
• to enjoy being in the company of other dogs
• to not jump up at visitors
• to walk nicely on a lead
• to stay and all the other important and relevent lessons for puppy to learn
• we're also there to offer advice and to follow up on potential issues such a chewing
• toilet training, not settling at night and all the usual new owner issues we see on a regular basis.

Puppy Agility (Puppy Sport Classes)

Agility is a sport where the dog/handler team run a timed obstacle course consisting of mostly jumps, tunnels and climbing obstacles. This course is designed to introduce young puppies (between 2 and 9 months of age) to Agility obstacles. The emphasis is on building a strong relationship and having fun with your puppy. To ensure your puppy's safety and long-term health, obstacles are kept very low and only obstacles deemed safe for young puppies are used. Agility is a great way to build confidence and control in your puppy while having a blast! Puppies must wear a plain buckle or snap-release collar and must be well socialized with other puppies. They do not need any obedience training prior to taking this class.

Basic Manners
This course covers basic commands including:
• Sit
• Down
• Come
• Stay
• Leave It
• Drop It
• Walking nicely on leash without pulling
• Off Leash Control

For those of you who have taken puppy kindergarten, the Basic Class adds distance and more distractions and also includes leash training each class, heeling, boundary training, basic manners and attention exercises.

Level 2 Manners

Picks up where Basic Obedience left off and concentrates on those hard to train areas.
• Improved manners and reliability
• More emphasis on heeling and automatic sits
• Preparation for off-leash heeling
• More attention exercises to keep your dog focused on you rather than another dog or person.

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